At Spartan Logistics, we know that your own company is the most important one to you. You want the best 3PL systems and solutions for your own business, and you want it scaled and customized to meet your needs.

This is why there is no such thing as a “generic industry solution” from Spartan Logistics. Our information technology solutions work with the processes that drive your business. As Spartan has worked with numerous businesses over the last few decades, we have gained the experience necessary to understand the demands of your business.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a custom-designed third-party logistics software requiring continuous updates to meet the technology needs of your business. Our specialized technology partners, Camelot Consulting, work with us on a near-daily basis to ensure that our WMS has the most current features to be the perfect fit for any of our customers. 

Learn more about our WMS from our partners at Camelot in the video below:

How We Use the WMS for You

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the use of barcode scanning to increase inventory accuracy. Our warehouse management system provides customers with flexible interfaces to our high-performance technology enterprise. Elements such as activity and schedule reporting give you complete inventory control over your goods. Our WMS gives our customers the ability to:

  • Track shipments through multiple warehouses.
  • Use our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface to permit the transfer of data prior to the actual receipt of the goods.
  • Perform order shipment, adjustments, and inventory balance reporting through our client portal.

Learn more about our technology and what our business can do for you by contacting our sales team at (614) 497-1777.

What Makes Our Technology Unique

Our ability and willingness to work with our customers’ information technology platforms is what puts Spartan ahead of our competition. We have made and met the commitment to being a partner by integrating the technology systems of our customers into our own business processes. We believe this is a clear demonstration of Spartan's promise to do whatever it takes to make a partnership work.