Review our 3PL case studies to see how Spartan Logistics partnered with major corporations to support logistical solutions.

Spartan Logistics Opens New Location in Houston, TX

A global beverage manufacturer, who has been a long-standing customer with Spartan, was seeking a distribution center in the Houston, Texas area. While they had an established presence in the Houston market, they needed a new partner to fulfill their location and service requirements. The manufacturer needed to locate a 100,000 square foot food-grade facility with an established 3PL operator in a short time from when the first contact was made. Read more...


Spartan Logistics Partners with L Brands and the State of Ohio to Assist with Covid-19 Pandemic

Ohio Governor Dewine’s office contacted Spartan Logistics President, Steve Harmon, to discuss the availability of a centrally located warehouse. Without hesitation, Steve Harmon offered Spartan’s Columbus, OH warehouse based on the number of experienced professionals, material handling equipment, and dock doors required to successfully manage the intense time-driven coordination of inbound shipments, staging, and distribution. Read more...


Spartan Logistics and State of Ohio Collage
Spartan Logistics Partners with Affiliate NAI Harmon to Purchase Cold Storage RDC in Less Than 45 Days
A U.S. based manufacturer of hybrid seed sought to expand their RDC (Regional Distribution Center) supply chain in the Midwest, with a cold-storage into the 2019 planting season. A quick turnaround expansion would require locating a Kansas City cold-storage warehouse with Read More...
Spartan Logistics Kansas City II operations   
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