The Challenge

Spartan Logistics was first contacted in early January by a leading global pet food manufacturer about an immediate warehousing need in Indiana. While the manufacturer had an established presence with multiple distribution centers in the state, they needed a logistics provider to fulfill their space and service requirements in a short time frame. They emphasized the need for a food-grade certified facility capable of storing at least 2,000 pallets. Another fundamental aspect was for the warehouse to be centrally located between their 2 facilities to save on freight costs.  

The Strategy

Spartan’s warehouse location in Marion, Indiana was quickly identified as a facility that would be a potential fit for this operation. The sales and operations teams worked together throughout January to ensure all the customer’s needs would be met. This process included conducting inspections, providing training on systems, putting the right team together, and understanding how the product should be handled. Amidst finalizing all the details, Spartan executed a contract with the manufacturer in late January, with the project quickly kicking off with initial inbounds just days later in early February.

The Solution 

Throughout the eight-week project, the Spartan Logistics Marion team handled approximately 2,500 pallets, showcasing their efficiency and commitment to excellence. The heaviest volumes came in early, as 926 pallets were processed in the first week alone, with an additional 821 in the second week.

Such an opportunity requires a team that is in sync with one another and knows their strengths. Shawna Purvis, the Warehouse Manager in Marion, shared that her Assistant Manager, Lee Roberts, has been instrumental in driving this project forward, demonstrating exceptional ownership and commitment.

"Lee's unwavering dedication ensures that when he says he'll get it done, it gets done,” Shawna praised.

The rest of the team, including key players Kat Pico and Tony Roberts, often put in extra hours and worked consistently during weekends to keep up with the customer's volume and schedule. As a result, Spartan was able to receive all of the customer’s scheduled loads and fulfill orders uninterrupted through the duration of the operation.

While we often focus on long-term and dedicated warehousing, we excel in completing short-term projects for our customers to meet immediate needs. Interested in partnering with us at one of our locations?  Click here or call (614) 497-1777 to learn more about our advantages and opportunities.

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Written by Nick Harmon, Spartan Logistics