Spartan Logistics Appoints Josh Ledford as Executive Vice President 

Columbus, OH - July 12, 2017 - Spartan Logistics has announced he appointment of Josh Ledford as the new Executive Vice President.  Josh began his career with Spartan Logistics over 15 years ago in the Toledo, OH region.  He was hired as a warehouse team member responsible for order picking and processing, which provided opportunities to learn and grow within the business. Josh's work ethic was evident as he attended college while working full time in the warehouse.

In 2006, Josh was promoted to a sales role at the corporate office in Columbus, OH. He experienced first-hand what it took to be successful from the great visionary, Mr. Ed Harmon, who founded Spartan Logistics in 1988.

As his sales role progressed, he eventually served as Director of Sales. During his previous roles in business development, Josh was responsible for the day-to-day contract sales and maintaining customer partnerships to accelerate revenue growth company-wide. As Executive Vice President of Spartan Logistics, Josh will oversee the operational strategic plan and establish guidelines and procedures for the management of business units reporting to the Executive Vice President.  In his new role, Josh’s primary responsibility will be to mentor our warehouse leaders, to help lead the company in growing productivity, and deliver outstanding customer service.  Josh will work collaboratively with President, Steve Harmon who was excited about the promotion. “Josh has been an integral part of the company’s growth for over a decade, and I have always thought of him as my go-to-guy. I am proud to make it official,” says Steve Harmon.

“I am honored to accept this new role and look forward to providing a strong foundation and vision for Spartan’s future.” Ledford said. “Our passionate team members are our largest strength, and I am very proud to work alongside so many great people every day.”

Spartan Logistics was founded in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio as a warehouse and distribution provider to service the growing industrial base and logistically take advantage of Ohio’s centralized location. This positioned Spartan to grow to over 1.8 million square feet throughout Ohio and Indiana, as well as additional warehouse locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Missouri. Spartan Logistics' sales focus has always been the handling of food-grade materials, glass, paper and fragile/ high-value products. In addition to warehousing, Spartan Logistics provides full-service transportation, allowing them to provide seamless pick-up, storage, and delivery to their customers.  For more information