Address: 642 Chaney Avenue, Greenwood, IN  46143

Phone: (317) 489-4800

Warehouse & Distribution in Indiana

Spartan Logistics proudly presents our Indianapolis, Indiana location in the suburb of Greenwood. This 124,000 square foot facility features first-class food-grade contract storage and handling with plentiful parking and clearly identified dock doors. Spartan's Indianapolis, IN warehouse, provides the same ”turnkey” distribution solution as public warehousing, but allows for a closer operational relationship with our customer, including performance metrics, special handling needs, and typically involves a term commitment and minimum square-feet requirements.

Central Indiana, with its easy access to an interstate system that spans the nation, quickly is becoming the prime location for e-commerce and manufacturing companies to grow and expand.

This warehouse provides easy access to I-465 and I-65, bordering the Indianapolis city limits. Indiana Is ranked 1st in interstate access with 14 interstate highways and 1st in pass-through interstates. Indiana also has five intermodal rail facilities and access to three public ports and 67 private ports. From Indianapolis, you can reach 80 percent of the country's land within 48 hours.

Spartan’s Indianapolis, IN logistics facility is managed by our team of seasoned warehouse services professionals and a world-class warehouse management system (WMS) that focuses on customers' third-party logistics and transportation needs. In addition to Indy, Spartan owns or operates 18 warehouses and distribution locations throughout the Midwest, totaling nearly 3.5 million square feet of robust storage space.

Spartan Logistics is in the business of making our customer’s supply chains more successful. Working with Spartan, you will receive the space you need and the quality service with confidence in the ability to deliver. Combined with 30 years of experience, we strive for superior customer satisfaction.

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Spartan Exterior of Indianapolis warehouse

From Indianapolis, IN

  1. Turn right on to Interstate 65 South/Interstate 70 West ramp to Louisville/St. Louis
  2. Follow I-65 South to East County Line Road in Franklin Township. Take Exit 101 from I-65 South. Continue on East County Line Road to your destination in Greenwood. Turn left on East County Line Road
  3. Turn right onto the Interstate 65 S/Interstate 70 W ramp to Louisville/St Louis
  4. Turn right on to County Road 200/North Graham Road. Turn right onto Chaney Avenue

          Destination will be on the right.

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